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This website has become outdated.... we would need to build a whole new one and be charged more for it so we have decided to shut it down unless someone with this kind of tech knowledge is willing to take it over...
In the last year we have had about 6 new emails... no one seems to be using it and it's costly ... The "rent" is due in November. We will not pay for another year unless we can get it up to date.... I wonder how many people will even read this????  Everytime we go in we have to set up 2 new passwords and now it needs to be on Chrome.... we'll probably use snail mail or emails to send out announcements for the next reunion in 3 years....

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Great pictures !!!   Thanks Linda 

If you have any pictures to add, please send to the email below
Keep checking back as more will be added.



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Dale Adams
John Barclay
Janet Bolcerek Phipps
Maureen Cardinet Casteel
Beverly Caskey Towery
Paul Chaplik
Mary Clark Andrew
Earnie Clements
Jim Concannon
Ron Cook
Janelle Crabbe Dalton
Marlene Dawe  Howley
Dean Deaton
Jean Deaton Towers
Pam Dowell Martin
Mike Dowling
Oleg Dubney
George Glenn Ebert
Jim Faison
Sharon Graham Trette
Mary Gregory Tourte
Lee Grichuhin
Jeanie Habe Alvidrez
Sonja Halversen Vukasin
Jack Harpe
Pat Haskins Underwood
Gordon Hollinger
Ann Horsfall King
Judy Janas Howerton
Shirley Johnson Warren
Dick Jones
Harlan King
Robert Kint
Garry Korpi
Ron Lichti
Robert "Bud" Lucas
Donna Maher Golphenee
Pat Markovitch
Bill McElwaine
Mary Mitchell Mc Geary
Lois Nakagaki Kaya
Carolyn Oakley McKennan
Ann O'Neal Johnson
Joe Partansky
Bud Peebles
Carol Phillipsen Galbraith
Judy Sands Guerisoli
Keith Schwartztrauber
Jack Sheehan
Bill Shinn
Peggy Sidebottom Kruse
Mary Lou Tilley Antonini
Ginger Tomlinson
Al Trette
Jim Trolan
Jean Trost Dinges
Bonnie Uffens Sprio
Buzz (Cliff) Vaughn
Lenny Williams
Becky Zuur Pecoraro

If you paid but your name is not here, we took the no shows off so people wouldn't spend time  looking for a picture of you !!

Please let us know of any email changes, address changes or status changes at the below reddevils email address....  The next reunion is  months away !! We've lost our source that we used last time to search for classmates  so we are asking for your help !! It's up to you, the classmates of '59, to let us know of any new info.... also please check the missing persons list... please help us to keep up to date !!

(click on reddevils address below)


With gratitude to Linda Ferreira, MDHS Class of '58, for her guidance in creating this website !! 



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